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WinSleep Overview

WinSleep Free Download

WinSleep Free Download

WinSleep is a utility software developed by MollieSoft. This utility is helpful in keeping your system’s battery safe, while making the system to sleep when it is not busy.

When you’re not working on your system for a bit of time and don’t want to shut it down, you can make your system to sleep or hibernate automatically with the help of this utility. Though there is a predefined option in the OS start menu; either to sleep / hibernate or shut down the system. But with WinSleep you can do it automatically, you can set the timetable to sleep or hibernate the system according to your convenience.

This is the free trial version of the software, however you can get the paid version too. WinSleep is very easy to install and installed quickly. There are no specific hard requirements to avail this utility, but you must have windows 8.1 or later on your system. This software cannot run on windows 7 or previous versions.

WinSleep interface shows the daily activity represented in a graph, where you can see when your system was asleep, awake or in hibernate mode. Just above the graph, you will see several controls which you can use to set your own commands.

Your scheduled commands will appear in a separate window. You can schedule when your computer will go to sleep or hibernate, either based on time or based on condition along with time. For the former example, you can say that your computer should sleep at 3:00PM and for the example of later one you can say that you want the computer to sleep at 3:00PM only if the idle time is above a certain value.

WinSleep also provides you a complete statistics of current CPU or Network usage. This is the only utility which gives you the complete history of your computer. The best tool to save the energy of your system and its lifetime. You may also want to try another great utility that is Actual Multiple Monitors Free Download.

Features of WinSleep

WinSleep Free Download provides the following great features to its user:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Provides a complete timeline showing when your system was awake, asleep or hibernated
  • Can provide the manual button for sleep or hibernate if needed
  • Shows full statistics of CPU usage
  • Increases the lifetime of your system

Other Utilities Software are also available in market to help you in maintaining your system performance.



  • Lightweight utility program, takes really less resources and easily installed
  • User defined schedules help in preventing the system to sleep during an important work
  • Provide both the options; manual or the scheduled
  • Detects when the system is idle and puts it to sleep, thus saving the battery and money


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Technical Setup Details

Name: WinSleep

Version: Trial version

Setup File Size: 988 KB

Architecture Requirements: 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Operating Systems

User Interface

WinSleep Free Download

WinSleep User Interface

WinSleep Free Download

WinSleep User Interface

System Requirements

  • Windows 8.1 / Windows 10

WinSleep Free Download

You can download the trial version of WinSleep by clicking the following button:

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