Top Five Compression Softwares

Compression is reduction in the size of file. Compress data can save storage, capacity, speed file transfer and decline costs for storage hardware and network bandwidth. So here are top compression softwares.

Top Five Compression Softwares


7ZIP is archive application which lets the users to compress the files with higher compression ratio. It supports many packing and unpacking formats. It can use from a command line and graphical user interface or windows based shell integration. It makes so easy to share, zip, unzip, compress, and archive the files. You can create own compressed files with different formats. It provides protection with strong AES-256 encryption in 7z and zip formats. It has powerful file manager. It is localized in 74 languages. 7ZIP is a free version; you can download it from here.


PeaZip software is used for Zip, Unzip, extract RAR files, manage files and manage archives. It has powerful combined GUI which supports Drop and Drag functionality and MS windows context menu integration. It provides top speed, highest compression ratio, stability, security, open source technologies from different art projects. It support many languages and is capable to handle all popular archive formats. It also supports many advance files and archive management features such as strong encryption, two factor authentication, password manager, secure deletion for data privacy, duplicate file finder, save backup scripts and many others. PeaZip is free version you can download it from here.


Bitzipper is software that works with all compression formats. It provides all basic tools for file compression. It has user friendly interface with advanced features. It can compress data better than standard ZIP files. It can extract multiple files at once. You can browse compressed files in windows explorer style. It provides protection to your data with strong AES 256 bit encryption. It has file viewer for viewing pictures and text files. You can get any help from its easy to use Wizard interface. It supports all major archive formats. Bitzipper is a trial version but you can download its trial version by download it from here.


IZRAC is easiest way to compress, Zip, Unzip and Encrypt files for free. It supports many archive formats. It has very easy to use interface. It supports most compressed and encoded files as well many powerful tools and features. It also support drop and drag functionality that lets you to drag and drop files from to and windows explorer. You can create and extract archives directly in windows explorer, create many archives spanning disks, repair damaged archives, view and write comments and many more. It provides protection to your files with strong AES encryption. It also supports multi languages. IZRAC is a free version; you can download it from here


WinRAR is archive software which can open, create and decompress RAR, ZIP and other file formats. It lets the users to backup and decrease the size of email attachments. It supports many files formats. It is perfectly suitable for multimedia files. Its compression algorithm can quickly compress the multimedia files, executable and object libraries. It can split the long archives into separate volumes and save them in different disks. It supports advanced NTFS file systems. It provides protection to your files with advanced AES encryption. It is available in 45 languages. WinRAR is a paid version but you can try its trial version by download it from here


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