SmrtX Medical Test Analyzer Free Download

SmrtX Medical Test Analyzer Overview

SmrtX Medical Test Analyzer Free Download

SmrtX Medical Test Analyzer Free Download

Health is wealth. But everyone is not healthy due to unhygienic food, polluted air and dangerous germs. Everyone went to doctor on and off for different tests and checkups. But mostly you don’t understand what does the medical report says? You have no knowledge about the medical terms, then how would you know what is in that medical report? The answer is SmrtX Medical Test Analyzer free download.

This software is specifically designed to translate the medical terms and the medical lab reports, so that you can easily understand them. It automates, organizes and explains the patient’s medical test report to track the information about patient’s health. It transforms the complex medical terms and numbers into easily understandable text. It is a complete solution that helps you to discover disease – if any – by giving you complete overview of the medical report.

SmrtX Medical Test Analyzer free download is a simple report tracking application. It receives all the data and then converts all your medical reports into a form that is readable and understandable by a lay man. It also helps you to note down some important points to ask your doctor about. It tells you every details about lab tests including what result it is showing and what is this test for? It also provides the opportunity to check the blood tests and thoroughly analyze them to interpret final result about your health.

The interface shows the lab tests of each patient in a grid form – under their names. Defaults values are given to measurement units and reference ranges to produce accurate quantitative result. However, these default values may vary depending upon the tests. You can generate and review the generated medical lab reports.

SmrtX Medical test analyzer is able to read all types of medical reports. You can very easily add the blood test results along with any symptoms, this software will interpret the report and then generate a report analysis showing the detected disease. It can also be used by doctors to keep the history of patient along with their details and lab reports results. This software is an ultimate choice for all those who don’t have knowledge to interpret the medical terms and reports.

Features of SmrtX Medical Test Analyzer

SmrtX Medical Test Analyzer provides the following great features to its users:

  • Easy to use and understandable interface
  • Helps in tracking the health of a patient
  • Organizes and explains the medical lab test reports in an easy way
  • Explains why a certain test has been taken, what disease it checks for
  • Allows you to keep a complete record of a patient’s all tests and reports
  • Allows you to update a patient short demographic data
  • Allows you to change the default values of the measurement unit and the reference ranges

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  • It a very good learning software program, helps you to get knowledge about difficult medical terms and to learn how to interpret the test reports
  • It keeps a complete record of all the tests and results history
  • This is a best medical software that can be used by both the doctors and patients
  • It is also available as an android app that gives it a plus, as you can use it anywhere anytime


  • Nag screen, too many advertisement popups
  • It becomes a demo version after a period of time, doesn’t allow to edit or save the test analysis reports
  • Report analyzer feature is not available
  • Requires a minimum medical background to understand how the program works

Technical Setup Details

Name: SmrtX Medical Test Analyzer

Version: Trial version

Setup File Size: 5.4 MB

Architecture Requirements: 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Operating Systems

User Interface

SmrtX Medical Test Analyzer Free Download

SmrtX Medical Test Analyzer User Interface

SmrtX Medical Test Analyzer Free Download

SmrtX Medical Test Analyzer User Interface

System Requirements

  • Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows NT
  • .NET Framework 4.0 required to run this software
  • Pentium 90MHz or faster
  • 32 MB of RAM (96 MB or more recommended) and 50 MB (or more) of free hard disk space required

SmrtX Medical Test Analyzer Free Download

You can download the trial version of SmrtX Medical Test Analyzer by clicking the following button:

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