PHP 7.0.6 Free Download

PHP 7.0.6 Overview

PHP 7.0.6 Free Download

PHP 7.0.6 Free Download

PHP is the most popular, open source programming language. It is the server side scripting language. It is mainly designed for Web developers to help them in creating websites containing dynamic and interactive web pages. It is combined with HTML to focus more on user Interface. The latest version PHP 7.0.6 free download is now available.

This is the most commonly used language for Web Application development. It is platform independent language, which means it can run on all the operating systems (including Windows, Linux, Mac, and UNIX). It allows you to write HTML code within PHP code, instead of using external file. It is the most appreciated language due to its stability, speed and security.

PHP 7.0.6 free download is mainly based on Java, C and Perl languages. So it is very easy to understand if you’ve knowledge of any of these languages. It is installed on localhost or a Server (E.g., Apache), a server is required to interpret the PHP code. It can be used along with a database server (MySQL) to create the content management websites (for example Facebook, Yahoo, Google etc).

The PHP code is always interpreted by a Server and the result is shown on the web browser as a web page. PHP, MySQL and Apache are also available integrated into one single packages that are WAMP and XAMPP. Installing any of these packages will give you all three, without any effort in installing them one by one.

Overall, PHP is the best option for web development, as it is really easy to use and open source scripting language.

Features of PHP 7.0.6

PHP 7.0.6 provides the following great features to its users:

  • Open source server side scripting language
  • Easy to use
  • Best for web development
  • Platform independent
  • Improved features including SPL, Zend memory manager, bundled GD, and FastCGI SAPI
  • Available within WAMP and XAMPP packages
  • Great community / forum support in case of help
  • Competitor of Microsoft ASP
  • HTML embedded
  • Security fix period has been extended from one to two years

Other Development Software are also available to provide you a user friendly environment to work on.

Technical Setup Details

Name: PHP 7.0.6

Version:  Free (open source)

Setup File Size:

  • Windows (32 bit) Non thread safe: 20.9 MB
  • Windows (32 bit) thread safe: 21.0 MB
  • Windows (64 bit) Non thread safe: 22.8 MB
  • Windows (64 bit) thread safe: 22.9 MB

Architecture Requirements: 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Operating Systems

System Requirements

  • Windows (All versions)

PHP 7.0.6 Latest Version Free Download

You can download the PHP 7.0.6 free by clicking any of the following buttons of your choice:

Windows (32 bit) Non thread safe

Windows (32 bit) thread safe

Windows (64 bit) Non thread safe

Windows (64 bit) thread safe

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