Lavasoft File Shredder Free Download

Lavasoft File Shredder Overview

Lavasoft File Shredder Free Download

Lavasoft File Shredder Free Download

When you’re working on some confidential and important data, you want to keep this data safe from wrong access and misuse. Deleting this sensitive data is not always the best option to prevent it from unwanted access. Because when you delete a file from your computer or format the hard drive that contains the sensitive data, it is not permanently deleted. It means that data is still recoverable.

Lavasoft File Shredder free download is a utility program designed for this purpose. This software helps you to fully control your data, which you don’t want to share with anyone, by deleting it and all of its hidden files permanently.

Other than deleting the data, you can also overwrite or delete the existing files multiple times with this great program, so that the data wouldn’t be recoverable by any mean. Sometimes there is some data that can be used against you. You can also use this software to permanently destroy such type of data, so that no hacker would be able to use it against you.

It is fully compatible with Windows Operating system. You can install it easily within a couple of minutes. This is a paid software but you can try it for free for 30 days. You may also like to try another utility program which is Actual Multiple Monitors Free Download.

Lavasoft file shredder free download supports Department of Defence (DoD) and shreds almost all types of files including images files, videos, audio, excel sheets or word documents. Along with these, it can also shred the recycle bin’s files and temporary files that are just wasting the hard drive space. It uses seven rounds of overwriting to make sure that the data is no more accessible by any way.

It provides a complete user friendly interface. The process of deleting and overwriting is visible to you through the interface. You just need to load the file into the interface, choose an algorithm and then click the shred button. Lavasoft file shredder provides a number of shredding algorithms which you can select to keep your data safe.

Features of Lavasoft File Shredder

Lavasoft File Shredder provides the following great features to its users:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Permanently removes the sensitive data from your device
  • Supports multiple file formats – word, excel, PowerPoint, images, videos, audio etc. – to be removed
  • Allows you to completely delete your browsing history
  • Uses military grade shredding algorithm – seven rounds of deleting and overwriting to permanently delete the files
  • Supports multiple languages

Other Utilities Software are also available in market to help you in maintaining your system performance.



  • It works really fast and easy to use software
  • A very reasonable software for what services it provides, it can even shred the whole hard drive for you
  • It shreds the sensitive data securely
  • It wipes out the empty space on system to protect the user privacy
  • It lets the users to enable and disable automatic updates


  • It gives runtime errors and the customer support is very poor
  • It asked for the subscription payment when it was first installed, it is really strange
  • Sometimes it works too slow so you have to keep patience

Technical Setup Details

Name: Lavasoft File Shredder

Version: Trial version

Setup File Size: 9.1 MB

Architecture Requirements: 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Operating Systems

User Interface

Lavasoft File Shredder Free Download

Lavasoft File Shredder User Interface

Lavasoft File Shredder Free Download

Lavasoft File Shredder User Interface

System Requirements

  • Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • P733 MHz or faster processor
  • 10 MB of RAM and 15 MB of free hard disk space needed

Lavasoft File Shredder Free Download

You can download the trial version of Lavasoft File Shredder by clicking the following button:

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