Java Runtime Environment Free Download

Java Runtime Environment Overview

Java Runtime Environment Free Download

Java Runtime Environment Free Download

Java is the most popular and commonly used programming language. Most of the today’s applications are based on Java. To run Java based applications, your system needs support for Java. To make your system Java oriented, you will need Java Runtime Environment.

Java Runtime Environment is basically a virtual machine for Java. It is a must to run a Java application, without it you won’t be able to use any Java application or java web applet. It is really easy to install on your system, the whole process takes only a few minutes to complete. After the completion of installation process, Java Runtime Environment will be installed on your system as well as it will be integrated with your browsers including Chrome, Firefox etc.

To configure Java as a developer you will need to access its control panel. This can be done by opening your system’s control panel, you’ll find java icon in the list; open it and you’re all set. Java is very useful programming language as it is platform independent, one Java based application developed on Windows can easily be run on Mac or other operating systems and vice versa.

Features of Java Runtime Environment

The following great features are provided by Java Runtime Environment free download to its users:

  • Easy installation
  • Fast, secure and reliable
  • Helps to run Java web applets
  • Allows you to run java applications or games on Emulator
  • Automatically integrates in Chrome and Mozilla
  • Support java applications and run them
  • Provides XML secure validation feature and JAR file attributes
  • Platform Independent
  • Provides improvement in security
  • Provides automatic updates
  • Contains important enhancements to improve performance of applications

Other Development Software are also available to provide you a user friendly environment to work on.

Technical Setup Details

Name: Java Runtime Environment

Version: 8

License: Free

Setup File Size:

  • Windows (32 bit): 52.6 MB
  • Windows (64 bit): 59.2 MB
  • Mac: 64.3 MB
  • Linux (32 bit): 70.6 MB
  • Linux (64 bit): 68.5 MB
  • Solaris (only 64 bit): 49.9 MB

Architecture Requirements:

  • 32 Bit Support: Yes
  • 64 Bit Support: Yes
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris

System Requirements

Before you start the Java runtime Environment free download, make sure your system meets the requirements given below:

  • Supported Windows Version: All windows (32 bit / 64 bit)
  • Supported Mac Version: All Mac versions (32 bit / 64 bit)
  • Supported Linux Version: All Linux versions (32 bit / 64 bit)
  • Supported Solaris Version: All Solaris versions (only 64 bit)
  • 1 GHz Processor
  • 256 MB of RAM and 200 MB of free hard disk space required

Java Runtime Environment Free Download

You can get the Java Runtime Environment free download by clicking any one of the following buttons of your choice:

Windows (32 bit)

Windows (64 bit)


Linux (32 bit)

Linux (64 bit)

Solaris (only 64 bit)

You can get more downloads from the official website.


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    Downloaded. Time for some java coding.

  2. Is there intellisense function also included in it ?

  3. Is this really compulsory to run any Java app?

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