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Format Factory Free Download

Format Factory Free Download

You may have sometimes found that a certain video or image is incompatible with your version of windows. So, you was not able to view that file or image or video, whatever it was.

Format Factory has solved this problem for you. Now you don’t need to get worried about the file formats that are incompatible with your current OS version. Just install this awesome software and start viewing your required files.

Format Factory is a great software designed for media conversion. It takes various file formats as input and convert them into large number of file formats. It can convert music files, audio files as well as image files to the targeted format. The target file formats for audio include: MP3, AVI, FLV, MP4, OGG, AMR, 3GP, SWF, MPG, WAV, and WMV. The target file formats for image files include: GIF, TGA, ICO, BMP, TIF, PNG and JPG. You can also try the Free CD to MP3 Converter tool.

You can also convert DVDs into video files and CDs into audio files. Along with file conversion, Format Factory also provides you another great facility to recover damaged files (audio / video). It has been translated into 56 languages. Its interface is well organized and all the features reside in the left side of the window.

During the installation, the wizard will offer you many other software to install. If you don’t want these additional software you can change it by unticking the corresponding boxes on the wizard. Format Factory is best conversion tool as it can converts any format of file to any format. You may also like to try BlindWrite, another great tool for actions regarding CDs and DVDs.

Features of Format Factory

Format Factory Free Download provides the following great features to its users:

  • Appealing and well organized interface
  • Supports almost every file format
  • Supports up to 56 languages
  • Provides the damage recovery facility
  • Can resize the files for sharing easily
  • Provides multiple additional functions like (merging audio and video)
  • Also supports RMVB, Watermark and AV Mux
  • Provides backup of the files

Other Conversion Tools are also developed for your ease to convert files from one format to another according to your requirements.

Other CD / DVD Tools are also available to help you in backing up the important data ensuring your data protection.



  • It is the best conversion tool ever used
  • It provides wide range of input and output formats to convert files
  • It is a free software, that makes it really appreciable
  • A perfect software interface for novice users who’re new to converting


  • It is not compatible with other Operating Systems like Linux, Ubuntu, and Mac etc.
  • It contains many unnecessary images on the main interface
  • Interface is not up to date
  • Translation of software in Portuguese language has many errors
  • This software is very heavy

Technical Setup Details

Name: Format Factory

Version: Free version 3.8

Setup File Size: 53.4 MB

Architecture Requirements: 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Operating Systems

User Interface

Format Factory Free Download

Format Factory User Interface

Format Factory Free Download

Format Factory User Interface

System Requirements

  • Windows 10 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows XP

Format Factory Free Download

You can download the free version of Format Factory by clicking the following button:

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