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Calibre Free Download

Calibre Free Download

Now a days, almost all of the high level studies have been transferred from physical to visual content. Mostly books are available online (i.e., e-books). Students or even professionals have to read books on their laptops or mobile screens.

Calibre free download is an open source software intended for students. It helps in organizing, converting and viewing the e-books in an easy way. This software is available for every type of device, whether you want to read your e-books on your laptop or netbook or on your mobile.

It is a complete library for handling e-books. The interface is kept really easy to use for your convenience. The interface provides you many options. You can simply drag and drop the e-books into the interface window, or you can add the e-book from multiple locations through the file browser. Another option to add e-books is by entering its ISBN code.

Once your e-book is open, you can edit the details of the book (For example author, title, genre etc.) by just pressing the button in the menu bar and typing your changes. You can either edit one e-book or a group of e-books at a time.

Calibre free download also provides the option to sort all of your e-books depending on the author, series, publisher, language, rating, format, tags and news etc. You can also change (increase or decrease) the font size of the text while viewing your e-books, so that it becomes easy to read.

Calibre also acts as a format converter, it allows you to convert the e-books into multiple formats like XML, DOCX, CSV, EPUB and MOBI etc. Supported formats include DOCX, LIT, EPUB, XHTM, CBZ, CSV, TXT, LRF, MOBI, CBR, PRC, ZIP, RTF, RAR, PDF and HTML. You can set the settings to get latest feeds from the website and the reader synchronizing option makes your device up to date.

You can create multiple libraries containing e-books and can switch between these libraries. It allows you to add, update, rename, sort and backup your libraries.

Calibre free download is a best option to arrange your books in a really good manner. You can easily find your e-books as they’re placed in a single place.

Features of Calibre

Calibre provides the following great features for its users:

  • Free Open source software
  • Easy to use interface
  • Provides library management
  • Converts e-books to other formats, supports multiple formats
  • Allows you to edit details of your e-books
  • Provides synchronizing to keep your device updated
  • Fetches latest news from the internet and saves it in e-book format
  • Allows you to access your e-books or libraries through internet
  • Provides a comprehensive help document
  • Designed for both the novice and the experienced individuals

Other Educational Software are also available to help you enhance your learning capabilities.



  • This software installed really easily and quickly
  • It is very easy to understand, edit and convert bulk of e-books at a time
  • It is the best e-books viewer program along with its conversion feature, convert e-books to multiple formats, adds a plus to its value
  • Great software. Provides too many features, one solution of so many problems
  • This software is frequently updated and is the authentic one


  • It doesn’t provide great RSS support
  • After installing it, whenever tried to open this program the system got locked up so badly that it needs to be shut down forcefully
  • Sometimes, the converted output format doesn’t look like the original one, bad conversion
  • Mostly deletes the e-books without warning you or without taking permission
  • Messed up, hard to locate where your e-books are stored

Technical Setup Details

Name: Calibre

Version: Free Version 2.56.0

Setup File Size:

  • For windows (32 bit): 64.2 MB
  • For Windows (64 bit): 69.7 MB
  • For Mac: 81.3 MB
  • For portable devices: 58.0 MB

Architecture Requirements: 32 bit and 64 bit Operating Systems

User Interface

Calibre Free Download

Calibre User Interface

Calibre Free Download

Calibre User Interface

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista / Windows XP/ Windows 7 / Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher
  • Portable version can be installed on any system having at least Windows Vista running

Calibre Free Download

You can download the free version of Calibre by clicking the any of the following buttons of your choice:

For 32 bit windows

For 64 bit Windows

For Mac

For portable devices

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