Bvckup 2 Free Download

Bvckup 2 Free Download Overview

Bvckup 2 Free Download has following key features.

Name: Bvckup 2 Free Download

Version: Trial version free download

Setup File Size: 1.8 MB

Architecture Requirements: 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Operating Systems

System Requirements:

 Windows XP or newer versions of windows are supported.

Bvckup 2 Free Download Description:

The files and folder of your PC/laptop are extremely important and you can delete with just one click. Now you don’t worry about your deleted files, because here is advanced backup data software that is Bvckup 2. Bvckup 2 application is developed by Pipematrics.

Bvckup 2 is an application which enables the users to keep their data copies without performs the backup task. This program can run two types of backups, first is backup for specific files and second is all system backup. It makes the copies of important files and folders and preserves them in the perfect sync with original. It also have many more features, such as rysync like delta copier, removable device tracking, real time backup, scheduled and manual backups, shadow copying, run as service mode and many more. It is light, comfortable and fast application. This application does not compress, encrypt or FTP files. This application is basically duplicates the files from one place to another in their original format and decisively does not include options for compressing and encrypting them. This application is suitable for both professionals and home users. It can decrease the quantity of data being transferred around by copying improved parts of files only. It can work quickly. It can also keep backup of locked files, use windows tracker copying to backup files which are locked for special use by running programs such as email clients and web browsers.

In summary, Bvckup 2 Free Download is top recovery software used for backup of files and folder. It is lightweight and speedy backup solution. It provides real time backups. It can handle large backups and support multi core processor.

Features of Bvckup 2:

Bvckup 2 free download provides the following great features to its users:

  • Free trial for 14 days
  • Powerful application for backup of your data
  • Keeps duplicate files
  • Delta copying
  • Multi core processor
  • Real time backup
  • Device tracker
  • Archive your deleted files
  • Locked files backup
  • System service mode
  • Capacity for very large backups
  • Two types of backup can run; specific and all system backup
  • Minimal dependencies
  • Runs the backup in scheduled and manual way

Bvckup 2 Interface:

Bvckup 2 User Interface

Bvckup 2 User Interface

Bvckup 2 User Interface

Bvckup 2 User Interface

Download Bvckup 2 full version:

You can download free version of Bvckup 2 by clicking the following button:

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